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SimpleKeyPad F.A.Q. Frequently asked question.

iPad is connected but it doesn't work

Please start server as administrator and control that FSX is your active window.

Server port isn't available

If the port number (8000 by default) is already in use you must change it.
Start SimpleKeyPad Server (check that it doesn't run) and then click with right mouse button on icon in tray bar, can go to settings and you can change port (ie. 8001).
Please restart SimpleKeyPad Server.
Remember to change port setting on your iPad or iPhone.

Cannot connect to the server

Please go to your iPad or iPhone settings and enter on SKP-FSX setting the correct Server IP and port number.
You can also try to temporarily disable your Firewall or ad axception to SimpleKeyPad Server.

Wrong key assignement

SimpleKeyPad use the default keyboard shortcut of Flight Simulator in order to send the corresponding command to the game.
If you have any problem you can restore default keyboard setting or assign a SimpleKeyPad button to a new function.
On app page you can show all the keyboard assignement.

Custom button assignement

In this version of SimpleKeyPad there are three custom button.
With this you can assign any function available on FSX.