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SimpleKeyPad server Connect your PC to SimpleKeyPad.

Download and install server

In order to connect your iPad or IPhone to your PC you must download and install the Server.

After installation your Server is ready to accept connection.

Your SeimpleKeyPad Server show you the IP address and the port where it's in listening.

Put this information on your iPad or iPhone settings and then you are ready to connect and play with it.

Server version 4.0.0 compatible only with 4.0.0 vesion iPad or iPhone app.

Requirement: .NET Framework 4 or above.

Remeber to uninstall the previous version in order to install the new one.

Download server

Install server Download and install server.



Click on the "download link" above and save the installer on your PC.
When download has finisched open that file.

Accept UAC

Accept UAC

An UAC promt alert you to open this file. Don't worry, server file downloaded from this domain is 100% secure.
Accept and go on.


Install server

Install server with a simple wizard.
The server add an item in auto start program in order to be always ready to connect.



After installation and when you start your PC the server is run, you will always show the image above.

Configure communication Configure your App to connect to the server.

IP and port

Look for IP and port

Look for IP addres and port of the SimpleKeyPad server.


Setting App

Set the IP address and port of the server on iPad (or iPhone) setting at the voice SKP-FSX.



Launch SimpleKeyPad on your iPad (or iPhone) and press connect button.
The icon server will become green..



Your app is connect to the server, enjoy and play with Flight Simulator.